Fake Antivirus for Macintosh now in the wild

There is a phoney Antivirus program for Macintosh that may appear on your computer if you are using a search engine and happen to hit one of its triggers. There is little to be worried about, but you need to know how to react to this. If you hit it, you will get a spoofed windows screen that pretends to show a scan and finds all kinds of virusses. It will then move along and tell you you need an antivirus program for your Mac. Next it will download this program into your Downloads folder, and if your browser is set to open files after downloading, it may attempt to install it. IT REQUESTS YOUR ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD BEFORE DOING ANYTHING. It is therefore possible to just cancel the installation and kill off the installer with no harm done. This is a "PHISHING" attack - they install the software (that does nothing) and ask you to pay for it. Obviously you should not do this. If it happens, go into your DOWNLOADS folder, find, and delete, the file called BestMacAntivirus2011.mpkg.zip For more information, please see: http://blog.intego.com/2011/05/02/intego-security-memo-macdefender-fake-antivirus/