My iPod (or iPhone) got wet; what do I do?

Water is one of the deadliest threats there is for any electronic device. The chance of resurrecting an iPod or iPhone that has been dropped into the toilet, or a glass of water, or put through the washing machine, is not terribly great. If you want to try, we recommend the following: • DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON OR CHARGE IT IF IT HAS GOTTEN WATER INSIDE THE DEVICE. This cannot be over stated. We have to try to get any water out of the device before putting any power to it or switching it on. • Let any liquid drain out of the device that wants to. • Get a bag or two of rice. (Silica Gel is better, but expensive and hard to get in large amounts). • Spread the rice evenly on a large cookie sheet that has sides that keep the rice on it. • Put the rice into a SLOW OVEN (around 200C) and DRY IT OUT COMPLETELY. This will take 2 - 3 hours in the oven. • Prepare a container - glass or metal - that has an airtight seal to put the rice in. • Once the rice is thoroughly dried out, remove it from the oven, and IMMEDIATELY dump it into the container you prepared, and then seal the container right away. • Let the hot rice cool in the sealed container for at least half an hour, or until the container is no longer hot. • Crack open the container once it is cool, place the iPod or iPhone inside, then quickly re-seal the container. • Put the container on a shelf where you will not see it constantly, and LEAVE IT ALONE! This drying out process is going to take at least a week; longer is better. The dessicated rice will suck the moisture out of the device, but it is not going to be fast. Once you are satisfied that you have waited long enough, try turning on your device. If you are very fortunate, it will come on. If not, you can try plugging in the charging cable, the plug it into a USB port. If it does not charge, it is shot. Good luck!