About Macintosh


The original Macintosh 128K,
from 1984.

Apple Computer Inc. introduced the Macintosh computer in 1984, and in doing so revolutionized the personal computer industry as much as they had years before when they introduced the original Apple II computer.  The Macintosh introduced many of the features that we associate with all computers:

•  The graphical point-and-click interface

•  The mouse

•  'Plug-and-Play' hardware configuration

•  All-in-one construction

•  Consistent interface across different applications

•  A device intended to be operated by professionally created application software

Apple did not invent all of these characteristics, but they did popularize them in a device that was universally acclaimed for it's ease of use and friendly design.

Today, Macintosh computers run the entire range of classic tower configurations (Mac Mini and Mac Pro), All in One desktops (iMac), Laptop or Notebook (MacBook, MacBook Pro) and even something very reminiscent of the Netbook (MacBook Air).  Please see the various categories of devices for descriptions and pricing.

For detailed information about all things Macintosh, please see http://www.apple.com/ca/why-mac/

Are you switching from a Windows environment to Macintosh?  Need help?  Please see

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