iPhone and iPad Repair

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Palantir Computers is now an iPhone Authorized Service Centre!!!

Effective immediately Palantir Computers has been authorized by Apple Canada to perform Warranty repairs on select iPhone models.  Only certain designated parts are replaced in the field; other repairs are managed through an exchange program which we are also authorized to provide to customers with devices in Warranty.  All repairs are performed strictly within Apple's warranty regulations, and the final decision concerning what constitutes a warranty repair rests with Apple Canada..

Palantir Computers is also an iPod Authorized Service Centre and an iPad Authorized Service Centre.  This means that we are able to provide warranty repair services for in-warranty iPods and iPads.  This service amounts to shipping your unit to Apple where it is repaired or replaced, and returned to us for you to pick up at our shop.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad all have a glass front.  Unfortunately if the device falls the right (or wrong) way, this can be cracked.  If the damage is severe enough, the LCD display behind the glass can be broken as well.  This is typically evidenced by inky looking black spreading areas where the light does not shine through when the device is turned on.

Palantir Computers is able to provide a broken-glass and LCD replacement service.

Please contact us for an estimate.