AppleCare Service

AppleCare is Apple's warranty service on all of its products.  All Apple computers and consumer electronic products are covered by a complimentary one-year parts and labour warranty, which includes 90 days of telephone support from Apple.  Apple makes its AppleCare Warranty available on all products for purchase at the time of sale, or for 60 days after the date of purchase (requires inspection).  AppleCare extends the parts and labour coverage to three full years, and also extends telephone support to three full years.  iPod, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV warranties are extended for an additional one year, to two full years of coverage.

Telephone support is available 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, at 800-263-3394.
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Palantir Computers is proud to be the Apple Authorized Service Provider in Grey and Bruce Counties.  All Macintosh computers and peripherals under warranty are serviced in our Owen Sound facility.  All items identified as being under warranty are examined as quickly as possible (no later than the next business day) so that parts can be ordered and repairs completed as quickly as possible.  Parts must be ordered from Apple, and are sent to us by next day courier.  Warranty repairs are treated as emergency items, and are completed as quickly as possible.

We provide AppleCare service for all Macintosh, AppleTV, iPad, iPod and iPhone products.

AppleCare does not cover customer data concerns.  At the customer's request we will backup and restore data when it is necessary to repair or replace a hard drive.  There can be some small charges for this service as Apple does not cover it.  These are always explained in advance of the repair.

Customers who did not purchase AppleCare at the time of purchase of their Mac, iPod or iPad are welcome to purchase AppleCare+ from us during the first 60 days following the purchase (requires inspection).

AppleCare - Extend your Apple warranty on Macintosh to 3 years!

AppleCare Extends Macintosh warranty to three years; other products to two years from date of purchase.