Service Procedure

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When dropping off any item for repair or evaluation, all customers are required to complete and sign a Service Repair Order. This form contains "fine print" which sets out our service warranty and limitations on our liability regarding the equipment, including data, left in our possession.  This is critical as we fix broken computers, and frequently the item storing the data is what is broken.  We cannot be held liable for the data on equipment left in our care.


We try very hard to keep customers informed throughout the repair process.  You are also welcome to phone us for details.

The "fine print" of the Service Repair Order is reproduced below, and is what you are agreeing to when signing the Service Repair Order.

Customer’s signature of this work order constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance in full of the terms set out on the reverse hereof.  Where applicable, I grant permission to Palantir Information Systems of Canada Limited, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, to run the Apple Service Diagnostic tool which captures and transmits diagnostic data to Apple Inc. solely for diagnostic purposes related to the repair of my Macintosh computer.  

Terms and Conditions:

Customer’s signature of this work order constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms set out below.

Charges are strictly for labour, service and parts supplied by Palantir.  Palantir is not responsible for any software, files, programs, or data on any equipment received from Customer, including any damage or loss of same while said equipment is in Palantir’s possession. In no case shall Palantir be responsible for any consequential damages, special damages, loss of use or economic loss experienced by Customer.

Customer represents and warrants that all software, files, programs and data on the equipment is Customer’s property and has been acquired lawfully. Customer acknowledges responsibility for all backups of software, files, programs or data on equipment delivered to Palantir for service.

Labour for repairs performed by Palantir is warranted for ninety days. Parts are warranted by the manufacturer. No terms different than those stated herein are part of the agreement between Customer and Palantir unless stated in writing on this work order and signed by both parties prior to delivery of equipment to Palantir for service.

If you have any issue with any of the above please bring it to our attention before signing.